If you want a really interesting show that’s focused on a motorcycle trip covering all of South America up through Central America to Los Angeles, you have to check out “Long Way Up” on Apple TV+ starring Ewan McGregor. It’s so great! And electric motorcycles? What?!?

Is it just me or does this article not actually answer the question posed by the headline? I mean it gets half way there, but never discloses how the NY Times got the documents or why the NY Times was allowed to obtain them first.

Found this in my closet of stuff we had moved from previous houses but never unpacked. I got this flag as it dropped off a crushed NYPD cruiser on 9/12/2001.

I went down to ground zero that day. It’s still surreal.

Airport app for seeing what apps are currently in TestFlight. This links you to their site where you can sign up for access to TestFlight it! I know, it’s a little TestFlight inception.

Playing around with Adobe Photoshop Camera which takes stunningly great shots using AI from the get go, but some of these lenses are amazing. It is sunny as hell here, but this is what the Night Shot lens does.

Also, these questions seem to be very similar to: “So, Mr. Jones, when did you stop beating your wife?”

If you’re going to ask questions, you should probably actually let an answer get out instead of bloviating on your own opinion.

This red-shouldered hawk visits once in awhile to check out our back yard and see if there’s anything to be had. Forgive the unclear photo. It took a good bit of editing as the only view clear enough of the hawk was through a window that desperately needs to be cleaned.

A red-shouldered hawk sits on a wood and vinyl fence surveying a backyard.

Apparently Don Jr is upset because “Gmail is sending reelection campaign emails to spam folders.” Well, that is where trash emails belong…

Does anyone remember a video conferencing platform that was free but more privacy focused? I want to say it started with a W. lol. @Burk may know. I just remember never hearing the name before but wanted to try it out.